Have you been told you are too sensitive?

Have you been told to “toughen up,” or must you get thicker skin?

Do you feel sometimes you don’t fit in?

Do you absorb other people’s stress, emotions, or other symptoms?

Does walking in the mall or being in a crowd of people drain you, and you find yourself having to take a nap when you get home to recharge your energy?

Does scratchy clothing bother you? Along with the annoying tags?

Do you startle easily?

Do these questions resonate with you?

If so, Congratulations! You are an Empath.


Book a free 30-minute consultation to see how Empath Empowering Coaching can help you lead an authentic life.

Remember, If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

Side effects include clarity, happiness, joy & self-empowerment.

About Me

“My mission is to guide Empaths and help them shift past their perceived
obstacle by guiding them to see a new perspective which, will promote
empowerment to move forward with a new lease on life.”

Empaths are you ready to move forward in your life and feel empowered?

Coaching is about building a connection with yourself and your coach. In this complimentary 30-minute phone call,  We will gain insight if Intuitive Life Coaching is the best fit for your journey.