Have you every noticed something that catches your attention and it makes sense to you, but you catch yourself looking around to see if anyone has noticed it too? 

          Have you ever seen the same three digit numbers such as 4:44, 1:23, or 1:11 ; or four digit numbers such as 12:12, 11:11, or 12:34.  You glance over to the clock, look at your cell phone or look over at a license plate? You see the same number over and over again. Have you ever been told something just at the right time? Have you ever just seen something that just made sense to you but, no one else?

           The first thoughts that I had years ago when I kept seeing the same numbers over and over again was I think I am losing my mind.  I would sometimes talk out-loud. I would say, “What the heck is going on?.” Another day it happened again. I would say, “I must be looking at the darn clock a lot.”

So, here is the Good News, are you ready to hear it?… 


You are not just seeing things and you are not alone. 

Signs are everywhere. Especially if you are like me, I am a Intuitive/Empath and lean on

my faith, which has guided me through my life thus far. Those numbers that I saw repeatedly 

are called Angel numbers, but I’m not here to talk about the Angel numbers I am here to talk 

about, signs.

What I found charming since I moved back to North Carolina is that I noticed more 

personalized licensed plates, and not just numbers on the license plates.The personalized license

plates I have seen in North Carolina are phrases that read “PEEKHEN” (Peak Hen), 

“HWLFMLY” (Whole Family), “CUPCAKE”, “LADYBMOR” (Lady be more) etc. Which I 

find very clever and interesting to read when I’m driving through town.

Let me share my story and I am only sharing GOOD NEWS. 

 It was difficult moving back to North Carolina from Nashville, T.N.. Even though I never

wanted to leave North Carolina in the first place. When I moved back to North Carolina it was

challenging to keep my spirits up.  Being that I am an Empath, I could feel all the emotions my 

family were feeling and let me tell you it was heavy.  Feeling all the low emotional vibrations just 

was so burdensome. The heavy weight on my shoulders very heavy.  

Despite all the tools that I learned to keep me centered, grounded and protected. I was struggling with my self-care.  I was

being consumed by the lower thoughts of mine as well as my  family’s. My spirit was being challenged and my inner strength

was fluctuating while trying to hold my family together. I felt I was falling apart most of the time.

So, let me share with you some Good News!  

Signs,  that I have gotten since I moved back to North Carolina that lifted my spirits up just at 

the right time.  When I saw “LVYOU” on someone license plate in front of me while I sat in the

carpool lane waiting to pick my daughter up.  It was just at the right time that I needed to see 

those words to be comforted. Another time I was feeling down while driving my car on the 

highway when a car pulls in front of me, it caught my attention.  I noticed the license plate right 

away, it read “PUTTABOY”. I will not translate it in Spanish, but it got my attention and 

it made me laugh, which lifted my spirits.  My intuition knew it was my mother in spirit trying to

make me laugh to raise my vibration. 

Another time I was praying in the car and asking my angels to give me a sign that 

they are with me and guiding me.  When I stopped in front of car that it’s license plate read 

“ACHANL4UC” (Archangel for you see). I was so thankful that I was shown that they were

and for that message then I  saw “WNDRWAMN” (Wonder Women) on someones licenses

plate.  I then realized what fantastic way to be uplifted by God, Spirit, my Guardian Angels, and 

loved ones who are in spirit.

 So, have you ever noticed Signs or numbers or what one might call coincidence? 

If you have received signs,  lean in and listen carefully. What I’m about to share with you is

Just Good News. 

Signs let you know we are being guided.  It is exhilarating when it happens!

You see what most people call coincidence, because they can not be explained and then doubt

what they witnessed. 

Please read carefully, it happens for a reason

Sometimes we cannot explain to someone else, but we know what we are being told.

When we tap into our intuition and we ask for guidance we are pleasantly surprised on how we

can be guided when we have unwavering faith. 

Signs are everywhere and I love to spread that there is only,  Good News Here.


by Joann DJ Ehlman, Intuitive life Coach, Author & Speaker

 “Como Coco.” Two simple words. A Puerto Rican expression for saying you are strong and robust.”