Don’t rock your boat, be guided home.


Faith is when someone tries to rock your boat and if you don’t have it anchored, you can easily feel your equilibrium has been thrown off.  You will feel you’re not on stable ground. 

If your Faith is not turned on…Ok, let me explain,  it reminds me of the program on the Morning Show I watched on Sunday morning, they talked about gyroscopic stabilizer called a “Seakeeper”, if it’s not turned on, your boat becomes unstable and begins to rock.

Faith is what keeps the boat from rocking when a huge wave comes crashing in. Faith is the stabilizer and Intuition is like the anchor that you throw in the deep dark sea when you are in the middle of the ocean to keep you fasten and attached to your Faith. 

When you find you are surrounded by the sea and you have fear coursing through your veins. You want to reach for Faith.  It is what keeps us vigilant and protected from any unknown sea creatures that could emerge from the ocean.

Intuition lets us know if there is something pending, or if we have to work something out or just to let us know that God/Universal forces have our back, etc.   There are numerous glorious reasons to have Faith and follow your Intuition.

Faith and Intuition go hand in hand when you surround yourself with Faith and let Intuition be your guide.  Faith is like being the Captain of your ship and Intuition is your compass. 

Faith is your lighthouse that is solidly built onshore that emits illuminating light through the fog and Intuition allows you to be guided home

by Joann DJ Ehlman, Intuitive Life Coach,

Intuitive Reiki Master,

Author & Speaker


“Como Coco.” Two simple words. A Puerto Rican expression for saying you’re strong and robust.