Webster dictionary definition of full-circle: “through a series of developments that lead back to the original source, position, or situation or to a complete reversal of the original position —usually used in the phrase come full circle.”

Well, this weekend my husband and I had the pleasure to have a full-circle moment when we were able to celebrate Apex’s New Mayor Jacques K. Gilbert.

Ok, so let me begin with a little back story. When my husband and I agreed to move back to North Carolina from Nashville, T.N. a few years back in July 2017. We were making an indelible decision for our whole family.

The housing market in N.C. had changed considerably since we moved in 2006. In the back of our minds, we wanted to settle in Apex, even though I still had fond memories of Holly Springs. Well, because that is where my husband and I bought our first home, where we started our family. We also had wonderful memories of good friends we had met in our first neighborhood in Holly Springs. Apart from the warm memories, we had made in Holly Springs, it had grown up in the eleven years since we had been gone. We also couldn’t find a home that met all our criteria when we were searching for our home.

So, we started searching for homes in Apex, N.C with the help of a wonderful re-estate agent. Despite the effort of our agent and our numerous houses that we looked at every day for a week. We couldn’t find a home that met all our families needs, that’s when doubt started to rear its ugly head to whether the move back to N.C. was even the right move for our family. Despite our reservations we needed to continue our home search in N.C. because we accepted an offer on our home back in Nashville, T.N.

My husband and I were mentally exhausted from our grueling long week search added with 90 plus weather in July. We were starting to second guess our decision to move back to N.C. and had reservations to whether our decision to move to Apex was even the best option for our family. I said a silent prayer. “ God, please let us know if we are making the right decision?”

We stopped for lunch at Subway in Apex at the Olive Chapel Plaza. We sat silently eating our lunch when my Husband John noticed a Police officer walk in and order lunch.

He says, “Go ask that Police office about the area.”

I turn my head to my right to glance behind me to see if I can see the Police Officer in uniform.

I say, “I don’t see him.”

My husband points him out, He says, “He is not wearing a uniform.”

I get up and I begin to walk toward the police officer in civilian clothing. I notice he is eating his sub and I feel bad that I will interrupt his well-deserved lunch break. I put my reservation aside because my husband is insistent I ask him because we both have concerns. We both want to gain insight into whether we are making the right decision to move to Apex.

I say, “Excuse me, I was wondering if you could offer some insight about the area?”

The plainclothes officer looks up at me with a wide smile and I felt a sense of relief. His eyes light up and his good-natured personality shines through immediately. I am so relieved.

He then says. “Have a seat.”
I don’t expect that I say, “My husband asked me to ask you.”

He says, “Where is he?” I point to where he is sitting, he continues with, “Call him over.” I wave my husband over, he immediately comes over.

He introduced himself as Jacques and we find out he is a Captain of the Apex Police Department. He tells us about the area and how it’s growing. We find out that he is a native of Apex and numerous other information that we didn’t know about and we were so impressed with…

When my husband and I left from speaking with Captain Jacques. We both were grateful that he took the time to speak to us and share his insight over his lunch break. My husband and I were so impressed by him and the service he provides for Apex, N.C.

When we left Captain Jacques, my husband and I felt a sense of relief from the doubt that was setting in because we couldn’t find a home. We felt re-energized that we were making the right decision to move our family to Apex, N.C. , because he answered all of the concerns we had that day.

So, a serendipitous moment happened when I met a lovely lady named Jeannie for lunch, she is now my dear friend. In our conversation over lunch, she mentioned she was helping with an up and coming event to celebrate Jacques as our new Mayor. I, of course, was blown away that she knew Captain Jacques. I then told her how my husband and I met him after I said a prayer to God if we were making the right decision to move to Apex.

So the full circle moment was last weekend when my husband and I re-introduce ourselves to Jacques K. Gilbert at his Apex Mayoral Inaugural Ball Celebration. We wanted to let him know what an impact he left on us a few years back, when we needed validation to whether we were making the right decision to move to Apex, N.C.  We were impressed once again that he remembered my husband and I, when we told him how we first met in 2017 at Subway.

Congratulation! Jacques K. Gilbert for becoming our Mayor of Apex, along with becoming the first African American Mayor of Apex. N.C. It couldn’t have happened to a better person. We support you and we thank you for your continued service.

Joann DJ Ehlman,
Intuitive Life Coach, Author,
Speaker & Reiki Master