Como Coco and Como Coco Rancio (bitter and sweet) all wrapped up, in my life moments.

When I was in high school and found out I got the role of Glenda, the good witch, in the Wizard of OZ; I was thrilled to have the opportunity to have a lead role. What an incredible Como Coco moment; however, my mother didn’t come out to see me perform because of her religious beliefs. She felt (or the church felt) it was worldly, not a religious event so she wasn’t allowed to attend. It was a sour moment for me…a Como Coco Rancio moment; however, I had my oldest sister come to see me perform along with her daughters… a Como Coco moment.

I was nominated homecoming queen… a Como Coco moment. I didn’t tell my mother that I was nominated because I was bitter that she didn’t show up for any other school event…many Como Coco Rancio moments. I finally told my mother that I was nominated for homecoming queen. She did show up at the corner of the street to wave at me, while I rode by in the limo… a sweet moment, a Como Coco moment. I also won Homecoming Queen… another Como Coco moment.

I went into preterm labor and ended up in bed rest with my first child. That was a difficult time for me because I didn’t know if my baby girl would make it. It was a Como Coco Rancio time for me. I had it in my head I would be healthy. The baby would be healthy. I would be active. I would continue at my job working at the bank. I’d continue working out at the gym all the way to the very end of my pregnancy. I struggled many times to keep my spirits up. I had many sorrowful moments thinking about the outcome. All those thoughts came tumbling down until I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl… a wonderful Como Coco moment.

I’ve recently been awakened to something traumatic that happened to me when I was a baby. I have a lot of bitter sweet moments in my life, but I try to hang onto all the Como Coco moments in life. Don’t get me wrong, some of my Como Coco Rancio moments were and still can be very challenging when I think about what happened to me. I still think about it now and again and I have emotional wounds that I’ve had to release in order to heal. I’ve released a lot of pent-up, harmful emotions just recently. I still have them bubble up now and again. With my faith, I’ve gained strength. I’ve gained wisdom on how to heal myself.

Embrace whatever tools you have to help you through the emotional and physical pain. Do what you love doing! I do Zumba because I love it. I meditate when I can. I practice yoga when I can. I pray often and write often in my journal. I try to eat well. I use all the positive tools available to me to help me. Once again I want to stress, use positive tools that are available to you to get you the through the tough emotional pain. Sing in your car loudly when you’re driving alone. Dance in your kitchen by yourself or with a loved one. Go for a walk. Take a hike. Talk to a good friend or a trusted family member that will support you. Hug your children and your grandchildren. Play with your pet or pets. Listen to music you love. Soak a warm bath with sea salts or Epsom salt. See a Holistic Counselor. Get a massage. Visit a Chiropractor. Receive Acupuncture. Receive Reiki. Get a mani or pedi or both. See an Energy Healer. Use all the healthy tools to help you release the emotional pain that’s pinned up inside. 

Life is constantly changing. I’ve grown and I’ve learned so much, even after I published Como Coco-The Journey. I’m currently working on the next book subtitled Spiritual Discovery. I can’t wait to share my newer experiences with you soon. Until then I leave you with: 

Embrace all the precious memories. All the good that has happened in your life. Give thanks every day. Count your blessing every day. When I count my blessing.  My life is Como Coco.